Hande Reardon

Hande Reardon
UK / Turkey

Having spent a decade in investment banking, I had the calling for a more creative future during the lockdown as I have always been interested in design. 

I love spaces that are inviting and engaging with the senses, but also brave and eclectic with well-thought-through fabrics, textures and materials. I am fascinated by finding ways to mix classic design with contemporary and I am passionate about antiques and collectables.

I am keen to explore how sustainability can become at the core of design briefs, and keep up to date on how sustainability can be incorporated into my designs, not just from environmental but also social and economic perspectives. Hence I also believe it is important to explore and celebrate the local craftsmanship and always be curious about the surroundings. 

My career in finance has helped me develop proficient skills in project management, multitasking, problem-solving and communicating in a high-stress environment. I believe this skillset will help me immensely during my future career as an interior designer where I can be creative as well as technical.