Valerie Zarubina

Valerie Zarubina
United Kingdom

With an unstoppable drive and an unwavering passion, I carved my own path to interior design. Beyond the confines of a law degree, I knew I belonged in a realm where creativity reigns supreme. Fuelled by a deep love for illustration and drawing (you can see it in my Portfolio), I embarked on a journey to create extraordinary spaces.

In my designs, I dare to go beyond the expected. I try to break free from the norm, blending unconventional materials and techniques to craft immersive experiences. It's about more than just functionality; it's about evoking emotions and inspiring all who enter.

My background in law brings a unique perspective to my designs. With analytical thinking, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills, I navigate challenges with finesse, ensuring flawless execution.

In addition to my unwavering dedication, I managed to complete this course while working part-time as a designer assistant in the industry. This invaluable experience, combined with my studies in the KLC HE Diploma course, has provided me with the practical skills and hands-on knowledge needed to thrive in the future. Balancing work and education allowed me to immerse myself in the real-world challenges and intricacies of the interior design profession, further solidifying my passion and preparing me for the exciting journey ahead. 

I feel like my journey is a testament to passion and resilience. With a brush in hand and boundless creativity in my soul, I am ready to make my mark in the world of interior design.