Susie Carter

Susie Carter
United Kingdom

Following a decade in fashion working as a designer in Milan, New York and London, I decided to transfer my skills into Interior Design, graduating from KLC in 2023.

My background in textiles, and a deep understanding of the nuance and application of colour are elements which are key to my design approach.

Focusing on harmony and flow, I aim to create spaces that feel calm and relaxing. Building on this foundation I use surface texture; fabric finishes and colours to create depth and variation.

I am particularly interested in drawing on the natural world to incorporate elements of biophillic design into my work. I am also passionate about responsible sourcing and investigating how old and new elements can be brought together to transform spaces.

Working closely with clients to understand their needs and desires is a crucial part of my practice, informing how I design an holistic interior which meets client requirements. 

I am driven, self motivated and organised and I enjoy problem solving and forward planning.