Matthew Gilbert

Matthew Gilbert
United Kingdgom

I graduated from the University of Southampton with a degree in music, proficient as a classical and jazz pianist and singer. Beyond the realms of music, my experiences have taken me into the hospitality industry, where I served as a Mixologist. Overseeing both bar and staff, I successfully addressed customer needs and navigated challenging situations in diverse venues. This role sharpened my interpersonal and managerial skills and adaptability in customer focussed dynamic environments.

Applying my skills achieved in studying A-level photography and art I collaborated for several years with Lynne Marcus Garden Design and The Garden Builders in taking and compiling photographs for on-line and print promotional purposes. I also contributed to the design process by participating in client visits, capturing briefs also participating in on-site planting. These experiences deepened my appreciation for the synergy of creativity and functionality in garden design.

I studied garden design at Capel Manor before advancing my capabilities through undertaking the Garden Design Diploma at KLC and won the award for best design of the Isokon building. This developed my understanding of transforming outdoor spaces into aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sensitive and functional environments.
I also developed my capabilities in Vectorworks, Sketch Up, Photoshop and Twinmotion for visual presentations. 

My diverse background reflects a commitment to continual learning and an ability to seamlessly integrate various skills. Whether on stage, behind a bar, or immersed in the world of garden design, I approach each endeavour with passion, creativity and a determination to exceed expectations, reflecting my application of a highly developed and well-rounded skill set.