Marcie Armstrong

Marcie Armstrong
United Kingdom

As an ambitious graduate of KLC's Diploma, I am thrilled to share my passion for the realm of Interior Design with you.

 I am so delighted to step into this creative sphere, and I am fuelled by a profound excitement to explore the endless possibilities within the industry. My fascination lies in the transformative power of interior design, as it intricately shapes the ambiance of a space and, in turn, influences individuals.

With a solid foundation in Textiles and Design, and having completed an Integrated Foundation Degree for Interior Design in the architecturally astute city of Bath prior to KLC, I have honed my expertise in handling both textures and fabrics, leading me to recognise the power they pertain, not only visually, but physically and emotionally.  My appreciation for different cultures and extensive travel experiences reflect in my work, where I love to incorporate diverse preferences and styles.

Participating in this year's Diploma program at KLC has been an immensely fulfilling experience. Every moment has been a source of joy for me, allowing me to not only embrace and enrich my inherent creative instincts but also to master the art of expressing my ideas through the diverse array of software applications introduced in the curriculum. The invaluable lessons in professional practice have added an extra layer of depth to my learning journey, making this experience such a valuable one.

For me, the most radical and unique designs transcend mere functionality, embodying a deep understanding of the emotional and visual impact that thoughtful design can have on people's lives. As I embark on my journey into the world of interior design, I am so excited to discover where this path leads me.