Lucila Ardalla

Lucila Ardalla
From Argentina, living in London

With a degree in Business Administration and 20 years of marketing experience in top-level Multinational Companies, I was brave enough to make a career change to pursue my lifetime passion in Interior Design.

I bring a wealth of transferable skills useful for the Interior Design world, such as project management, leading cross-functional teams, great communication skills, accustomed to fast-paced demanding environments, stakeholder management, problem-solving, identifying insights and customer understanding, concept crafting, branding, marketing strategy, and presentations skills.

I have an inquisitive mind and a driven and proactive personality. I get motivated by challenges, I am passionate, imaginative, and caring for others and my work. With a strong work ethic, resilient, and a high sense for details. 

My fascination with Interior Design comes from its ability to create beauty while improving people’s lives and helping brands engage with their customers via unique meaningful experiences. That is why, I am a true believer that form and function go hand in hand. Creating well-thought spaces, with optimised layouts, comfortable user experience, aesthetically pleasing, and having emotional connection with the user of the space, collectively will improve their well-being. Sustainable and biophilic design are of my interest, as they contribute to people’s happiness, health, and well-being, by connecting them with nature, preserving resources for longer, and valuing their social customs and identity.

During my time at KLC, I gained knowledge in different design fields, tailoring my design solution to clients' needs and preferences, or the brand’s identity and values. I am particularly enthusiastic about residential, commercial, and hospitality design. I am keen to start this new exhilarating chapter of my life further developing my skills in a design practice.

If you are interested in learning more about my projects, please download my portfolio and feel free to get in touch.