Ella Currey

Ella Currey
United Kingdom

I have always been passionate about storytelling. After graduating from University of Birmingham with a BA in English Literature, I found myself drawn to more creative expressions of my imagination, dabbling in illustration, watercolour painting, collage and interior moodboards. My desire to push my imagination in these more creative, visual directions, led me to apply to the Part Time Applied Interior Design Diploma at KLC, where I have found so much joy translating my love for storytelling into interior design. 

My designs, from concept to completion, are led by emotion. Considering how I can use materials, furniture, form and lighting to evoke a particular feeling in the client / user lies at the heart of many of my design decisions.

It is incredibly important to me that my designs are environmentally considerate. I enjoy imagining new uses for discarded materials / antiques, researching current innovations in sustainable materials and designing for longevity. 

I am friendly, imaginative and motivated, with a keen eye for detail. I welcome contact via email regarding any potential opportunities.