Eliza Dewbury

Eliza Dewbury
United Kingdom

At the heart of my passion for interior design is my belief that our homes hold unparalleled significance in our lives – spaces to provide solace, and where we can express our unique identities. Studying at KLC has only enhanced this opinion, providing me with the ability to translate a client’s unique point of view into a tailor-made place for them to thrive. 

With experience at luxury studios, working on houses across the Cotswolds and London, I have been able to exercise my skills on live projects, utilising a multitude of software programmes such as InDesign, Photoshop, AutoCAD, and SketchUp, while also assisting senior designers with FF&E sourcing and during client meetings. Moreover, the intense 9-month diploma at KLC has allowed me to delve into bespoke joinery, commercial projects (exhibition stands/reception areas), and exterior landscaping work, further expanding my skill set.

As an individual proficient in several software programmes, I also take great pleasure in conceptual design and sketching, recognising their pivotal role in design evolution. Finally, with an MSc in Sustainable Development, I possess a strong commitment to creating innovative and ethical high-end interiors that do not compromise on style. Throughout all this work, I have developed a passion for bold and colourful designs, layered with patterns and texture to create sustainable, soulful, and characterful homes.

This journey at KLC has been one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life, and I look forward to building my career in the diverse and dynamic field of interior design.