Elise Godfrey

Elise Godfrey

When beginning my KLC Diploma course, my primary objective was to challenge myself and explore diverse approaches to design solutions, in a matter that encourages my creativity through developing concepts and unique outcomes. I derived great satisfaction from acquiring knowledge pertaining to interior projects encompassing both commercial and residential briefs.


The two residential projects I undertook focused on entirely separate realms of design. 
One involved the creation of a spatially efficient apartment in Battersea, tailored to the preferences of a young, single male who sought an environment characterized by order and tidiness. 
The second residential endeavour constituted my final project, focussed on the exploration of strategies enabling an elderly couple to gracefully age in place within a spacious Kew residence.


In addition to these residential projects, I undertook the design of a branded stand for a Mexican botanicals company, intended for use at global exhibitions. Furthermore, I engaged in a reception desk technical detailing project, thereby refining my proficiency in technical drawings.


I am excited to start my journey within the interior design industry, where I aim to further cultivate and apply the extensive knowledge and skills I have acquired throughout my time at KLC School of Design.