Alexandra Hunt-Dallison

Alexandra Hunt-Dallison
United Kingdon

My designs focus on the people that will occupy the space.  In residential design, I focus on the client's unique story, placing this at the forefront of my work, while addressing their need for a practical space that suits their budget, property, and lifestyles.   

With a background in sales, I recognise that commercial clients have different objectives.  I take time to understand my client's broader business strategy, reflecting branding and market positioning as well as the needs and expectations of their own customer base.

In both cases, I am at my happiest and most productive when interacting and collaborating with other design professionals and related disciplines and makers. 

Born in Latin America, I developed a deep appreciation for Latin American culture and crafts.  I grew up in various countries around the world, picking up creative influences as I moved.  I spent three decades in a variety of commercial and creative roles. I am now settled in the UK, living with my young family and dog Monty. 

My time at KLC has armed me with the tools to bring designs to life, balancing research, technical skills, and my global aesthetic to bring a fresh perspective to interior projects. Avoiding a signature style, I aim to design to my clients’ briefs creating something unique in each project that reflects their vision and tells their story.