Aashish Grant

Aashish Grant
United Kingdom

After working for some years in the financial industry I realised that I was passionate about, and had a talent for, Interior Design. My first foray into Interiors was designing my home followed by friends asking me to help with their homes, This allowed me to discover my talent in the space. I was then fortunate to intern with an Interior designer, which was an incredible learning experience and made me sure that i wanted to be a part of this industry.
I joined KLC to acquire the skills I would need to work in the industry.
The course has challenged me and it has been extremely rewarding to see how that push has developed me and my skills in such a short time. I am proud of the success I have achieved during the course. I am proficient in software's widely used in the industry and I understand the process of seeing a design through from concept to completion.
My previous work experience, has equipped me with many transferrable skills including organisation, coordination, attention to detail and the ability to work with many different people.