Top Student Diploma of Higher Education

Awarded to: Emma Wright
Presented by: KLC School of Design

To be a Top Student at KLC requires consistency, progress and dedication. 

We knew from the start of the course that Emma was going to be ‘one to watch’. I remember Emma saying to me "I think it's easy with design to be caught up with our own ideas of what we think is right”, and she worked out a way to challenge this. It meant letting go of chasing perfection and ceding control. 

As usual on the Diploma course there is much more than just new design skills being taught and learnt. Emma consistently demonstrated high levels of initiative, personal responsibility, decision making and achievement. And, let’s not forget that Emma herself is a warm, down-to-earth and giving person, always willing to help her peers no matter how busy her own workload. 

Top student, top person.

Kevin McEwen, Acting Course Leader