Yulia Khripennikova

Yulia Khripennikova

My name is Yulia Khripennikova, and I present SmartDesign Studio to create residential and commercial spaces for happiness and comfort.

 I started my career as a translator in an international construction company, and after completing my degree in economics, I worked in the financial field in a world-wide international company. In my childhood, I dreamed of becoming a designer. And one day I decided to start a course in interior design at the London School of Design (KLC). You can view the link with my Academic Protfolio Video

 I approach each project with energy and a desire to create a unique design that will take into account the wishes of the client. My design is based on the character and habits of the client, the values of the business brand, its identity, and its consumers, taking into account the architecture of the space and the uniqueness of the environment. 

Key values of the design I follow are based on natural eco-friendly solutions: recycled, recyclable, and reused materials; eco-friendly production materials; use of energy-efficient solutions for lighting, water consumption, heating, and ventilation; the use of unique, limited-edition art objects made by modern craftsmen or found at flea markets; reinterpretation of the client's history and the location of the object. 

The interiors of my design tell a story about its inhabitants and users—the convenience and comfort of interior solutions for everyone who will use it and live in it. The approach to design as an art object includes elements of layering, senses, and immersion. Each project is special for a particular Customer, thanks to an attentive attitude to history and culture, careful research of materials, colors, and shapes, and a balanced combination of new and old, external architecture, landscape and interior space, natural and artificial materials, combining the identified nuances in the process of research with a specific customer character to create a space for his request.

I am inspired by the Renaissance and the Bauhaus.

Please review my curriculum portfolio, completed projects, and skills, and you are welcome to contact me by email unicons.phr@gmail.com