Sonia Kamel

Sonia Kamel


I believe in the restorative power of gardens. My love of gardening and being in my garden led me to retrain and study a Garden Design Diploma at KLC .

I wish to expand my Garden Design expertise and design alongside a company of exciting and creative Garden Designers. I have a strong set of skills to add to a collaborative team, I am driven to create beautiful spaces that connect us to nature. 

For the last 17 years I have been the director of a London based interiors business, delivering FFE design projects and providing turn key furnishings for luxury developments and residential interiors to HNW clients in Knightsbridge and Mayfair. 

I have designed , styled and project managed many large projects for companies such as Greystar, Carnavon Hotels and Tide Properties.

I have a balanced and cultivated creative perspective, good horticultural knowledge and practical based skills, with hands on experience in designing and planting. I excel in design narrative and can apply my interiors experience to interpreting client briefs well . Utilising design software and staying up to date with the latest developments in design help me translate concepts and multi task effectively

Along lifes pathway …

I am keen to translate the philosophies of Direction , Movement , Dynamics and Journeys within my work. Biophilic design and connecting indoor and outdoor space is key to my design aspirations. I like to design with materials and practises that are sustainable, good for the planet and that use pollinating plants to attract wildlife .