Shelley Todd

Shelley Todd
United Kingdom

Hello, I am Shelley. I'm a London based Interior and Graphic Designer.

Design has been a lifelong passion for me. My strongest love is textiles and colour; observing how colours interact with light gives me a sense of endless joy.

I was inspired to pursue the FdA Interior Design Course with KLC whilst working in beauty retail packaging design. My commissioned work led me to explore 3D rendering and textiles in 2018 and I had always been interested in 3D design. At this time, retail and holistic spaces were of great interest to me, and there was a recognition of the importance of biophilic design and the connection to nature for wellbeing.

I am a dedicated, detailed and research-oriented designer, motivated to create spaces which truly enhance the inhabitants' experience of them. Personal sources of inspiration come many places, inlcuding the Renaissance, ecological architecture, the work of Christopher Alexander and Arthur Mamou-Mani. Areas of interest are vernacular design, sacred and cultural spaces, intertwining of old and new and repurposing. I am very drawn to the design style in the Balearic islands and the use of natural materials and this is an area which I would be keen to explore professionally going forward.

In 2021, I was responsible for the concept and design of a sauna facility in a Grade 1 listed building. The project combined Japanese and Moroccan features and we were privileged to be able create bespoke olive wood joinery with a local architect. The project encompassed floorplan creation, building regulations, lighting design, specification of materials, fixtures and fittings.

If I am working alongside you, I will be dedicated, personable, honest and empathic. I have many future ideas and inspiration and look forward to working and collaborating in the industry. 

Please feel free to browse my portfolio and to get in touch with me.