Sara Bonometti

Sara Bonometti
United Kingdom

Design and creativity have been a driving force in my life since childhood. Born and bred in Italy, I grew up in the countryside. I have always been fascinated by art, interiors, and architecture. What inspires me the most is people: their stories, experiences, cultures, and background interest. Good architecture and interior design, in my opinion, should harmoniously combine and tell a story in which people can identify or challenge themselves with different perspectives. 

When I moved to London in 2015, I worked in real estate for several years. Very soon in my career, I realised I had the desire to create the home’s interior rather than sell the end product on the market. 

When designing, I let the surroundings, nature, architecture, and art inspire me, and often love to carry a conceptual approach and interpretation. My end goal and strong will is the desire to combine beauty with useful, in fact, one of the things I like the most is layout planning. I firmly believe beauty should always be functional and personal to the end users. I also love combining elegantly, bold colours and patterns and challenging the balance between the traditional and the contemporary style, I think the correct balance, creates layers of interest, and tells a story. 

Joining KLC gave me the confidence to re-write my career from what was my passion. During my last year at KLC, I started working at Lucinda Sanford Design, to gain valuable insight and start putting it into practice. Graduating with a Foundation degree has given me a solid foundation for progression and equipped me with all the skills to excel in this field.