Sally Giles

Sally Giles
United Kingdom

My husband wanted to go on holiday but I chose this course as my 50th Birthday present!


Having worked as a pension scheme manager then raised a family being a garden designer was an elusive dream for too many years of my life. With my final child about to fly the nest I grasped at the opportunity to spend 2023 at KLC, turning my dreams into reality.


Plants are certainly my first love on this course, but having undertaken many building projects at home over the years I also found I had a real passion for the construction element of garden design and in particular, seeking out new and sustainable ways of approaching this.   


Practicality is at the heart of everything I design, I believe that a design must work functionally before it can be truly beautiful. 


Completing this course has opened up a whole new gardening world to me and I am very excited to see where it now leads. I plan to set up my own garden design business in Solihull and Wapping where I am based, but I’m also keen to work with others and find interesting projects which will continue to challenge and excite me. I’ve come to this career late in life and I’m now keen to explore every opportunity that comes my way.