Natalie Rau

Natalie Rau

Hello, my name is Natalie Rau; born and raised in Germany and with a deep passion for interior design. After graduation, I moved to the UK looking to find myself and to brush up on my English. What I found was so much more: I found this course, which allowed me to pursue my passion for interior design and a love for British architecture.

I am most interested in a career path that allows me to work with companies looking to preserve the outstanding British building stock and give great architecture a chance to serve a purpose in the 21st century.

As a student at KLC, I have always worked full-time to gain valuable industry insights, for example, Schmidhuber Brand Experience GmbH, Die Planstelle GmbH and Wren Kitchens. 

I am looking forward to graduating in 2024 from KLC with a BA (Honours) Interior Design.

Please have a look at my academic portfolio to see more of my work.

Academic portfolio link