Krupa Panchasra

Krupa Panchasra
United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Krupa and I am currently based just outside London. 

After not enjoying my current job, I decided that I needed a change and had a keen interest in Interior Design. I started to research courses that would help me gain the skills and knowledge to get my foot in the door and that is when I spoke to a client on the phone who ad graduated from KLC. The client had mentioned that there were a variety of courses to suit people with all circumstances and this got me interested and I took the plunge and enrolled.

This course has enabled me to gain a vast number of skills and knowledge about Interior Design. I did not appreciate the level of detail that is required within interior design, and it has challenged me in many ways. I have thoroughly enjoyed each project as they were unique and learnt a lot throughout the course. 

Below is a few images of the work I have produced throughout my time here at KLC.

I would like to thank KLC for all the help and support they have provided throughout the course, and I am proud to be graduating from a well-established institution. I couldn’t recommend KLC more to anyone who is looking to enrol onto a Design course.