Kate Barnes

Kate Barnes
United Kingdom

Art and design have always been great interests of mine; however it took me a little longer to consider pursuing a creative career, having previously worked as a researcher and administrator for some 15 years. I’m so glad that I took the leap to enrol on KLC’s Online Foundation Degree because what I discovered was not just a career route, but also a life’s passion and vocation.

The course itself was both immensely challenging and rewarding, and I found that I enjoyed each stage of the design process; from conceptual thinking, through to sketching in the design development phases, technical planning, learning new software, sourcing, and project management.

One of the things I particularly appreciated about the programme was the generous amount of time we were given to think in broad conceptual terms. I love to consider how Interior Design connects to so many other threads and disciplines in the wider world. Indeed, the intellectual underpinnings of a design can be just as exciting to uncover as its visual beauty. 

Over the last few years my style has evolved as I’ve delved deeper into different designers, movements, and epochs. That being said, looking back through my body of work a set of core values can be identified. These include a focus on creating rich contextual narratives; a sense of welcoming and inclusivity; sensory elements; warmth, colour and understated luxury; and playful bursts of whimsy. The ultimate culmination of all this being spaces of human connection and emotion.

Since completing the course I have had the pleasure of working with Emily Penrose Design whose approach to commercial projects eclectically crosses over to both hospitality and residential design in terms of style and ethos. I envision the long-term projection of my career developing in a similar way – transitioning across sectors by applying a deep sense of style, generosity, and welcoming hospitality.